22.3 million children are not fully vaccinated and 2 million children die needlessly every year from preventable diseases. The unfortunate reality is that almost 50% of vaccines are lost in the transition between the manufacturer and the patients - highlighting the supply chain as the weak link in the system. As such, proper and innovative vaccine logistics management has become a major global health issue we are desperately working to solve.


At Blueprint International, our goal is to improve the distribution of vaccines within the developing world by combining forces with OPSI Systems, a premier logistics company based in South Africa. The solution includes implementing a simple and scalable web management platform for a mobile phone. This tool will enable better management, planning and tracking of vaccine supplies from central stocks to primary-through-tertiary health care facilities. In addition, it will identify vaccine supply chain failures and highlight needed improvements.

Advantages of this technology include:

  • While tracking each individual vaccine vial may be the end-goal in the future, it is extremely costly and as such a burden to the entire system. We instead track the driver, which allows for the same advantages that tracking vials would offer, but in a cost-effective and scalable way.

  • Tracking the driver also helps ensure proscribed procedures are being followed, creating accountability throughout the entire distribution chain.

  • By collecting data of the entire vaccine journey, we can begin to understand the obstacles faced, which importantly will be different in every supply chain. This way we can begin to customize solutions, creating a more holistic approach to fixing supply chains.